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TEAM MELO x MD 23 Girls

2021-2023 Team Me7o Play it Forward Capital Campaign

The Carmelo Anthony Family Foundation is built on the unwavering commitment that all young people should have the resources and support to achieve the most they can as scholars, athletes and global citizens. For each of these areas – education, athletics, and civic engagement – the Foundation is committed to helping young people develop a lifelong commitment to active involvement in learning, recreation, and leadership.

By raising awareness and fostering innovation around educational and recreational opportunities for children, families and their communities, the Foundation sponsors special projects and events, while collaborating with other donors, business leaders, celebrities, athletes, and nonprofit organizations and public programs. 

In September 2021, the executive staff and ownership of the Team Melo League and the Carmelo Anthony Family Foundation launched the Play It Forward capital campaign to raise $250,000 that will provide student-athletes in Maryland through sports and academic programs that foster learning, sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, character development, and opportunity. Specifically, your support will ensure that Team Melo x MD23 can:

  • Expand the league’s elementary/middle school boys and middle/high school girls programs

  • Launch STEAM-based after-school and summer programs with basketball leagues for elementary and middle Baltimore City Public Schools students


For more information, visit our campaign page or email